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Host: Yahoo!
Site Opened: August 3, 2008

Swagg-Designz is a community based website that offers social networking graphics and promotional material such as: business cards, flyers, cd/mixtape covers and more. We reach out to both the urban and suburb community through our versatility of style. The site can be accesed by internet users worldwide to meet their personal of professional design need whatever they may be.

"The thriving minds behind Swagg-Designz aim to satisfy  customers with our innovative design techniques and versatility of style in the graphic design industry."

I am the owner of Swagg-Designz; which is a small graphic design company with the dreams of being big. We offer a variety graphic products to our consumers. Swagg-Designz reaches out to both the urban and suburb community with our versatility of style. Our range of styles include: elegant, fun, retro, street, futuristic and many more. The ultimate goal of Swagg-Designz is to meet the consumers design taste and go above and beyond where their imagination may take them, and turn that into a reality. A major factor that sets Swagg-Designz apart from everybody else, is that we strive to be original in all aspects of what we do. The idea/driving force behind Swagg-Designz is to inspire others to be unique in their own way regardless of how they are viewed by society. In the beginning Swagg-Designz started out as a small hobby which developed into a passionate idea. I dedicate my life to making my business thrive. I am now more motivated than ever to show off my design talents to the world, so it will spark the imaginations of many and inspire those to be exceptional in everyday life.

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